Register on Binance step by step for beginers


Register on Binance is the best choice to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The reason is that it is very safety, has low fees, is the top one among all cryptourrency exchanges in the world.

Step 1. Go to, then click on “register” button as below depiction.

Step 2. Type your email and password.

Step 3. Captcha verification

The website of Binance shows notification like as the following:

Step 4. Log in your email to verify registration

After pressing on “verify email” button, you see notification of successful registration

So far, you finish registration on Binance, and you are allowed to withdraw 2BTC per 24 hours. To advance the limited amount for withdrawing, you have to verify your true identity. First, you should do 2FA.

Step 5. Enable 2-factor authentication (2FA)

Log in your account on Binance, you see a pop up which suggest you to implement 2FA

Choosing “Google Auth” to see the below

As seen in the above figure, you MUST copy 2FA backup key and save in a safe place which you may need to recover afterward.

You should install Google Authenticator which is available on Google Play or Apple Store so as to scan QR-code.

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