Creating a bitcoin wallet on step by step guide

Hướng dẫn tạo ví bitcoin trên blockchain

Creating a bitcoin wallet on step by step guide. It is very easy to create a bitcoin wallet. In this article, we introduce to you the way to do that on Also, Coinbase priced at $8 billions provide cryptocurrency wallet. The wallets on is safe and secure because they are protected by 2FA (2-factor authentication). Moreover, one can use his/her phone as another method for security. To make a bitcoin wallet, one should follow below steps:

  1. Accessing to

Then click on signup. You see the screen which is similar to the below image

Filling your email and password, then click continue.

2. Your screen show the following notification

3. Log in your account on

Pressing on “log in” button to your browse like as this image

Filling your id and password, then click on green button. For a moment, you will receive an email like the following:

You should verify for your log in by clicking on the link contained in that email.

4. Get your BTC’s address

Getting your BTC’s address by click on receive button. See the below depiction

You can copy your BTC address as well as send your BTC to another address.

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